Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Talk With Sophia Revealed: How She’ll Use It To Bond – Hollywood Life

Farrah Abraham video Instead of being mortified by the idea, Farrahshared her advice for Sophia and hopes that the little one just knows what she is doing before following in her moms footsteps. Farrah Abraham Reveals How She Will Handle Sophias Sex Tape In The Future Like mother, like daughter? Ergh, lets certainly hope not in this case. Farrah isdefinitely not a shy person, but now that shes opening up about the possibility of her own daughter having a sex tape well, thats a little weird. In a recent interview, Farrah was asked how she would cope with her daughter having a sex tape mishap like she did, and her response was a bit disturbing. Im gonna just say make sure you know what youre doing with it, she told Celebuzz . You know, Ill be like, This is what happened to me as your Mom. Its like Mommy talk. For Farrah,her daughter making a sex tape would be more like a bonding experience than anything else.
Source http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/28/farrah-abraham-sex-tape-talk-bonding-daughter-sophia-abraham/


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