Farrah Abraham Talks Taking On Couples Therapy Solo And Feuding With Taylor Armstrong—watch Now!

Contrary to previous reports claiming the reality star faked a relationship to get on the show, Abraham insists that she was actually dating someone, but was stood up when it came to recording the series. “Sadly, I was approaching into Couples Therapy, my significant other chose to feel that he didn’t wanna be a part of it and led me under a different impression,” she tells E! News. “So that was terribly hard to deal with at the time and then I was led to believe hopefully he will show up and maybe I can still do therapy and those things and it turned into doing therapy actually on my teen mom Farrah derek sex tape own.” PHOTOS: See Farrah Abraham’s modeling pics Farrah adds, “I was never broken up with. I was just neglected…He had some other situations that he was dealing with and I’m just happy that I’m not with that same person currently.” The mother-of-one refused to say her ex’s name, out of respect, but it’s been revealed that the guy in question is her DJ Brian Dawe, the young guy she was seen smooching with in October. Regardless, Abraham opted to continue the show with the “amazing” Dr. Jen, who Farrah shares, “helped me in a way of saying I can love myself in the meantime of being alone and this loneliness that I feel is not going to last forever, but in the meantime of getting from A to Cwhich hopefully is marriage one dayI have to go through B, which is really finding myself, really waiting for the right person who can handle everything that comes with me. And I can take the time to really get to know the person and if something doesn’t work out from the get-go, I just need to say goodbye.” E! Entertainment The brunette continues, “I will never make the same mistakes that I have made in my relationships.” Although Farrah doesn’t have a significant other to bicker with on the show, she’s still getting a healthy dose of drama from the other housemates, especially former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong .
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