Mayor Sam Jones says he’s still waiting on police chief’s probe into burglary reports

“I do not have the final report on the discrepancies in the burglary investigation,” Jones said in a statement to “The official business of the city will not, should not be mixed with political campaign tactics.” Jones said he “wholeheartedly supported” Police Chief Micheal Williams’ decision to launch an internal investigation into discrepancies in the burglary reports , which at least seven were revealed to be labeled as lesser criminal mischief charges . Stimpson has since called on an external investigation into the matter, something Jones has refused to support. The latest squabble between the two campaigns comes as the mayoral contest approaches the Aug. 27 election date. “I received a briefing midway through the investigation, only on the process the officers were using in the probe,” Jones said. “All investigations are confidential until completed and are not given to the mayor’s office until then.

‘Smallville’ Actor Sam Jones Sentenced To 1 Year in Jail for Drug Bust

“I came back for Red,” Jones said. “I never go any place unless I am invited and I haven’t been invited.” The current ownership group is especially inclusive with Celtics legends. They certainly realize that these former champions are the bridge that connects the current players with the Dynasty Years of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They are the keepers of Celtics Pride and standard bearers for all future teams have been measured against. Sam Jones has been ingrained into our visuals of the old Celtics Dynasty. We all have seen the clips of the “Old Celtics” bruised, battered and taped up, in the line up of the 69′ Finals.

Sam Jones: Basketball Royalty

Clark’s best friend: Jones had a big role in Smallville Before the sentencing he apparently begged the judge for compassion, explaining that he had lost his dog, his car, and his acting job on Blue Mountain State because of the drug charges. The judge allowed Jones some leeway due to his minor role in the drug deal. Smallville actor Sam Jones released on bail after pleading guilty to drug trafficking case It all started when in October 2009 the actor was arrested карисса шеннон видео by members of the Drug Enforcement Agency at his home in the Canoga Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The once promising actor was taken into custody after meeting an undercover federal agent who was posing as an Oxycodone supplier. According to court documents obtained by Mail Online, the government seized a massive amount of drugs from the gang – 586 pounds of marijuana and 10,000 fake Oxycodone tablets, which the defendants believed were real.

Sam Jones, ‘Flash Gordon’ Star, On Why He Was In ‘Ted’

Some people pay attention to them, some do not.” – Mobile Mayor Sam Jones MOBILE, Alabama Race relations are a discussion that should take place in Mobile, Mayor Sam Jones said Tuesday, two days after a racially-charged flier was distributed at a downtown church. Jones, speaking to media after the City Council meeting and hours before the final candidates forum ahead of the Aug. 27 mayoral election, said while he doesn’t support anything that might lead to divisiveness in the city, he believes there are “racial overtones” in what city officials attempt to do in Mobile. “It’s always been the elephant in the room,” Jones said. “Sometimes people express it openly and everyone appears to be surprised about it. The bottom line with that is that it does not do our community any good to promote anything that divides.” He added, “I don’t agree with the divisiveness, (but) I do think there are people who feel like there are still a lot of racial overtones in what we do in the community.

Maybe? That seems like an appropriate amount of times. Yeah, but I had been at a screening or something. So as far as sitting down and watching from A to Z? Probably twice.

Mayor Sam Jones: Race is the ‘elephant in the room’ that should be discussed

It is reported that before sentencing Jones pleaded with the judge to show mercy explaining that he had lost everything including his dog, car and his acting role in ‘Blue Mountain State’ due to the drugs charges. The judge showed leniency and said he was cutting the actor a break due to his “minor” role in the drug deal. E! Online is reporting that in addition to the jail term, the judge has ordered that Jones to serve three years supervised probation once he’s released from a jail. Jones Tweeted a message after his sentencing, “Just got out of court! God is Great!!


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