Celtics legend Sam Jones traveled with the Larry O”Brien Trophy to Orlando

Boston.com : Celtics legend Sam Jones was on hand as the Larry OBrien Trophy arrived via Southwest Airlines at Orlando International Airport yesterday. Following the trophys arrival, Jones, a 10-time NBA champion, mingled with fans, media, and Southwest customers. I never remembered anything like that when I played, said Jones, a Hall of Famer who will be attending Game 3. There were a lot of people there. . . .
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‘Flash Gordon’ Star Sam Jones on His Triumphant, Crazy Comeback Role in ‘Ted’ (Q&A)

He had been sentenced to one year in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy for his involvement in a drug cartel ring. Reportedly, Jones had sold over 10,000 Oxycodone pills which led to his conspiracy charge and eventual prison sentence. Jones had said the reason he became involved in a gang selling drugs due to an effort to try to pay a friend back. He could have been sentenced to anywhere from 5 to 20 years maximum in prison, but made a plea for leniency due to personal hardships. Jones, currently age 33, has starred as the character Pete Ross on “Smallville” from 2001-2004, and then returned in 2008. He was also on “Smallville: Chloe Chronicles” in 2004. Beyond the fictional superhero show which follows the early adventures of Clark Kent, Jones has also appeared on “Bones,” “Arm Wives,” and “Blue Mountain State,” in more recent years.
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‘Smallville’ actor Sam Jones III gets prison release early

Jones: WellWhat some of the characters were doing in the scene. Certain drugs. Certain things with the women. Flash has to be loyal to his character. So we discussed what Flash would do, what Sam Jones would do. HV: What is next for you?
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Sam Jones, Celtics Great and 10-Time Champion, Speaks His Mind

God is Great!! #FAITH!!!” The 28-year-old actor was busted in 2009 after a raid at his home was conducted by DEA agents looking to shut down a drug ring trading in the illegal purchase and distribution of Oxycontin. Jones, currently free on bond, will have to surrender to authorities once it is determined which prison he will be going to serve his sentence. Last week Jones’ ex girlfriend, Playboy model Karissa Shannon, reportedly packed up and moved into the Playboy Mansion with her twin sister Kristina to be back with Hugh Hefner. The Shannon Twins were Hefner’s girlfriends in 2008 and moved out when the 85-year-old playboy founder announced his engagement to his now ‘ Runaway Bride ‘ Crystal Harris, in 2010. They are now back to console Hefner, after Harris left him a few days before the marriage, along with his reported new girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund.
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Interview: Sam Jones On ‘Ted,’ His Past, Present And Future

And back then, neither profession paid very well. If I could have gotten another $500 from the school system where I wanted to teach, I never would have played professional basketball. And I would have been happy, being a teacher and a high school coach.” FanHouse: Who else from your Celtic teams do you stay in contact with? Sam Jones: “K.C. Jones. Well, I really just talk to his wife.
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Former Smallville star Sam Jones III released from prison two months early after being sentenced to a year for conspiracy to sell drugs

Really there were a lot of foolish decisions I made in those early years where I just wish I had listened, that I had surrounded myself with positive mentors rather than just kind of bare knuckle things and do things on my own. Again, I dont blame anybody. I take responsibility for every decision Ive ever made. Its kind of neat now. Were all going to make mistakes but the one thing you dont want to do, you dont want to be redundant.
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‘Smallville’ Actor Sam Jones Sentenced To 1 Year in Jail for Drug Bust

At the time of his arrest it was thought he could get up to 20 years in jail. Clark’s best friend: Jones had a big role in Smallville Before the sentencing he apparently begged the judge for compassion, explaining that he had lost his dog, his car, and his acting job on Blue Mountain State because of the drug charges. The judge allowed Jones some leeway due to his minor role in the drug deal. Smallville actor Sam Jones released on bail after pleading guilty to drug trafficking case It all started when in October 2009 the actor was arrested by members of the Drug Enforcement Agency at his home in the Canoga Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The once promising actor was taken into custody after meeting an undercover federal agent who was posing as an Oxycodone supplier. According to court documents obtained by Mail Online, the government seized a massive amount of drugs from the gang – 586 pounds of marijuana and 10,000 fake Karissa sannon video Oxycodone tablets, which the defendants believed were real. Let off lightly: The 33-year-old could have easily spent five years behind bars and 20 years at most The DEA described Jones as the ‘Hollywood connection’ to the drug plot. He played the role of Pete Ross for three seasons on Smallville, a CW series that follows the adventures of Clark Kent during the years before he becomes Superman.
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Hollywood workers get health care brought to them

One source says there’s internal disagreement within the Chinese government about who should cover the tax. THR has reached out to the China Film Group for comment. The MPAA can ask the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to officially investigate whether China is violating the WTO agreement, but that would be a dramatic step.
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You’re not God.” “Hollywood Hillbillies” follows Michael, his “Mema,” Delores Hughes, and various other family members as they move from Grayson, Ga. to Hollywood to spend the money they say they made on the internet. Mema Delores tells reporters at TCA, “Hollywood has just gained some weight. Country has come to town, and we are 2 tons of fun, let me tell you.” Delores’ daughter Dee Dee Peters says, “We’ve put the fun in dysfunctional, I’m telling you.” As for what they’ve been doing so far in Hollywood, it seems the ladies are mostly trying to feed all the “beautiful” and “skinny” people, whose “bellies are so flat and hard.” Michael, however, is looking for a date. “I’m single,” he says. “So if any ladies out there are looking, they’re into redheads …
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Health Wheels is an extension of the MPTF mission to provide health and social services to the people who are the backbone of Hollywood, from camera operators and set designers to grips and sound editors, as well as all those whose hectic schedules rarely allow them to visit doctors off the lots. “The idea is if you can’t get off the lot, we’ll get to the lot,” said Karen Vock, project manager for Health Wheels. Supported by the First Entertainment Credit Union and Entertainment Partners as well as a fundraiser called Heartbeat of Hollywood, the MPTF’s Health Wheels rolled out in 2011 and has served 2,000 people, Vock said. The services are not free — fees are billed to insurance companies like any other clinic, though if patients come in without insurance staffers do work to try to help find them coverage. The 30-foot vehicle includes an examination room, a full bathroom and a nurse’s station and is equipped for a doctor to do everything from skin biopsies to pap tests to blood work.
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Barack Hollywood Obama: How The Media Sold the President As Populist, Not Elitist

Putting Hollywood’s biggest bombs back together

<img src='http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/130708180658-worstmovies-hudsonhawk-horizontal-gallery.jpg&#039; width='360px' alt='“Hudson Hawk” (1991): Another film done in by a bloated budget, poor marketing and backroom gossip (star Bruce Willis, center, was the subject of several rumors). The film by “Heathers” director Michael Lehmann was one of the biggest bombs of the 1990s. But more recent takes say it makes a pretty decent screwball comedy.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Maher didn’t just give at “the office” by trashing Republicans on pay-cable TV. He brought a large check onstage during a standup comedy performance in San Jose on February 23 and none of the networks cared. They could ask if Donald Trump was going to embarrass and distract from Romney, but they wouldn’t make that connection with a bigot like Maher and Obama. Just days before, all three networks rang the national alarm bells over how “far to the right” Republicans were tilting when Santorum Super PAC backer Foster Friess had repeated a very old, and equally innocent, joke about Bayer aspirin being used as birth control. Nobody would warn about the Democrats being stuck with a hard-edged atheist image for standing with God-hating Bill Maher, the guy honored for saying “religion must die for humanity to live.” But this assault on humanity by Friess must be denounced!
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Two Hollywood Producers Can’t Escape Foreign Bribery Penalty

They aren’t just at the curb by the bins. It is all the way up the side of the house. I can see them in a commercial area. ‘There were complaints from the neighbours and the neighbourhood association, and city code inspectors acted appropriately and required the homeowner be in compliance with city codes.’ The Fine China star filed an appeal against LA’s Department of Building and Safety, claiming the mural ‘enhanced the architectural and aesthetic features of the residential property’. Eyesore: Chris has been living in the $1.5million home since 2011 He took to Twitter last month after he was fined and told parents to keep their children inside.
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Home video built up this more eclectic breadth of taste and options.” All this watching lends itself to our current pop culture moment, when nothing is really gone and every opinion is up for grabs. “Taste has really been fragmented,” says Herbert. “We use movies more and more to distinguish ourselves and our personalities and our identities. People who celebrate bad movies are using it to differentiate themselves from the mass and saying, ‘I don’t agree with the standards of evaluation.’ ” So films once buried get revisited. It’s happened before — the French New Wave directors first made their mark as essayists who re-evaluated genres and filmmakers before entering the business themselves — but now there are armies of bloggers who can watch a film on video and announce that it got a bum rap the first time around.
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Chris Brown’s monster murals on wall of his Hollywood Hills home are painted over after he loses initial bid to keep them

Eyesore: Chris has been living in the $1.5million home since 2011

STORY: Rupert Murdoch Bribery Admission Caught on Tape (Report) Kozinski notes that “while the Supreme Court has yet to hold whether Apprendi applies to restitution, it has said in dictum that ‘[i]ntruding Apprendis rule into’ decisions to impose ‘statutorily prescribed fines and orders of restitution’ would ‘cut the rule loose from its moorings.’ Thats some indication the Court would not apply Apprendi to restitution… .” The judge also declined to accept the Greens’ “trigger argument” that while Apprendi might not apply to the amount of restitution, it should pertain to restitution in the first place. Nor the other way. Kozinski asks, “If Apprendi covers the determination whether there are any victims at all, shouldnt it also cover the determination whether theres one victim who suffered a $1,000 loss as opposed to 1,000 victims who suffered a combined $1,000,000 loss?” Finally, the judge also looks at Southern Union Co. v.
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European Public Broadcasters’ Crisis: Spain’s RTVE Cuts Back on Hollywood

‘Hollywood Game Night’ Celebrities: All Your Favorite TV Stars On One Show (PHOTOS)

It’s a similar story among Spains regional public broadcasters. Madrids Telemadrid fired 829 employees at the beginning of this year. In the northeastern Catalan region, the local public broadcaster announced 312 layoffs with a salary cut for the remaining staff.
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Wimbledon: BBC Has Most-Watched U.K. TV Moment of Year With Andy Murray Semi

In a detailed image on the social network site, Johnson wrote, “My current 22 week diet for the role of HERCULES. Cardio & iron before going to set. (Lion blood is optional;).” In the pic, he made sure to include the various components of his diet, which he refers to as “The 12 Labors Diet”; he eats seven yes, seven meals a day, jam-packed with proteins and vegetables. Though Henry Cavill looks like Superman, getting into crime-stopping shape involved a pretty grueling schedule. According to ABC News, the “Superman” star went through intense two-hour workouts, five or six days a week, for 11 months! Check out this vid to see how “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth used unusual things to shape his six-pack; and for more of the latest in entertainment news, tune in to “omg!
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Hollywood Hunks That Work the Hardest for Their Bods

ET on NBC) isn’t skimping on stars — the celebrity-packed line-up boasts some of the biggest and best names on TV. Hosted by “Glee” star Jane Lynch and created by “Will & Grace” alum Sean Hayes, the show is modeled after Hayes’ own game nights at his house, where he invites a random sampling of his friends, famous and not, to come play. “Hollywood Game Night” takes that same approach, teaming three celebrities with a civilian player. Can you imagine playing Celebrity with celebrities? Or what about having to guess that a not-so-flattering child’s portrait of Matthew Perry is indeed the “Friends” star … while he’s sitting on the couch next to you?
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